Wk2-Classmate Conversation-Lukas Fuentes

This week I got to meet another fellow classmate, Lukas Fuentes. Lukas is a Biochem major studying to become a PhD professor. He wishes to do primary research within his scope of study. Lukas and myself both live in Garden Grove. In addition, we went to high schools very close from one another.  This is  his last semester at CSULB and he is very excited to see the finish line. He would like to become a PhD professor and ideally teach at a UC so he can also do research during his career. I like how he has a passion for what he is learning and is motivated to continue his education. He is motivated to succeed and I hope he fulfills all his aspirations.

Moving forward to the question of the week. Both Lukas and myself agree that Art is such an important aspect in our lives. He believes that without art we would not have all the technology and modern things we have today. Art is literally everywhere. Lukas pointed to his shirt, a graphic tee that had some form of art on it. And this really made me think how fashion or clothing would be if Art was not apart of it. Imagine how many blank shirts people would wear. Lukas really does believe that Art is very important today because it adds a lot of color and different styles to our society. Art is universal and we see it everyday.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

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