Wk2-Landscapes with a Corpse

This assignment was such an odd and awkward assignment to photograph. I imagined my death by falling down the stairs because I was in a rush. I am always in a rush to get to places and this time I was late for my midterm so I ran down the stairs tripped and tragically fell to my death. The night before I was up very late studying for this midterm. I knew I was incredibly tired from staying up all night so I decided to take a “quick” power nap. However, this nap turned into a longer nap, which was why I was running late. Creating this scene I photographed the top of the staircase that leads down to the location of wear I fell. After, I then asked my roommate to photograph my death with my book still in the grip of my hand and papers spread out throughout the floor. I also edited the photo into black and white so I could get into the character of a corpse that died a long time ago.

This assignment did make me question how I would really die. And I was scared to think of my death. Not many people are faced with that question, how you think you might die? However, I think through this assignment I was able to find that death occurs everyday and how you die should not really define you. What really matters is the legacy you leave behind and how you might want people to remember you. Although I thought this assignment was super odd it was also really funny to photograph my fake death.IMG_5366.JPG



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