Wk 3 – Artist Conversation – Wansi Ieong

Artist: Wansi Ieong

Exhibition: Why Not?

Media: Oil Painting, Brushes, Canvas

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: Not Available during this time

Instagram: Faziieong

About the Artist:
Wansi Ieong is an undergraduate fourth year student at Cal State University, Long Beach. Ieong is currently pursuing her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting. She started painting at a young age as a hobby; however, she did not start her professional portfolio until she was an undergraduate student at CSULB. Ieong decided to take charge of her aspirations of being an artist and decided to move from Macau, China to Orange County, California four and a half years ago. The artist is most passionate about drawing and painting figures as she finds that there are many unique elements in figures. The work she produces reflects her life struggles and experiences. Oil painting is her favorite media because it has the richest colors. In addition, she appreciates how oil paint has the ability to build up layers in order to form different types of textures. Aside from painting, Ieong has been dancing for the past fourteen years. She practices the art of dancing to keep her active.

Formal Analysis:
The piece Ieong created was from using oil painting, canvas, and brushes. The piece was constructed beginning with the face of the older woman. She was able to build up the layers and paint the inner corners of the face with various colors. The elements in her piece have fine lines in order to convey that the older woman is in a room. The contrast of the room is very apparent with the dark and light colors. The colors in the face of the older woman illustrate many intrigued emotions with reds and whites used in combination. Admiring the piece entirely, the piece has many layers and color components to draw viewers into the older woman.

Content Analysis:
Ieong titled this piece “2068” to symbolize the future. The piece was inspired by a dream she envisioned. In the piece, viewers notice an older lady, which represents Ieong in the future. This piece is recreated with other characters she was influenced by. The older lady signifies her life in the future when she lived out her parent’s expectations of being a doctor. The older lady lived a life full of regret, as she was not happy. The younger woman in the mirror is trying to stop the older lady from reaching her death to warn her to: be herself. The artist envisioned her life as a doctor and lived a life of regret because she was making her parents happy but not living a life she was proud of. The younger woman in the mirror wants to stop her before she reaches her death to let her know that it is never too late to fulfill her aspirations of becoming an artist. The younger woman was a refection of the older lady when she was clearly younger. Ieong wants viewers to live out their dreams and aspirations; instead, of living out the expectations and conformities society or parents might have planned. In addition, she conveys a powerful message to the audience by allowing people to be comfortable with themselves and being who you truly are. Furthermore, the artist believes it is important to never compromise ones happiness for others. After, she was comfortable with her art she told her parents that she will pursue her dreams of being an artist, and eventually her parents supported her aspirations.

Synthesis/My Experience:
I was so captivated by this art experience overall. Prior to interviewing the artist I found other pieces very interesting. After I took a closer look at the artist’s piece I was so drawn in. This piece had a story to tell and I wanted to find what her piece was conveying. Shortly after reviewing the piece with the artist I suddenly grew a connection to the piece. Growing up my parents instilled into me so many different aspirations and dreams they had wanted for me but did not listen to my aspirations or goals. Eventually, they stopped comparing me to other significant people in my life and accepted that my aspirations and dreams were equally as important as their own. I absolutely admired Wansi’s message to the audience: be yourself. In addition, never compromise your happiness to fulfill other peoples happiness. Interviewing the artist was enjoyable because I was able to learn more about the piece. Theres always a story to be told.



Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

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