Wk3-Classmate Conversation- Kaya Quarles

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Kaya Quarles. Kaya is currently a third year majoring in Biology. One thing we both share in common is our interests in extracurricular activities on campus. It turns out that we have friends in common which I thought was really cool.

Our question of the week was what’s one form of art you enjoy observing? Kaya really enjoys looking at different works of photography and she believes that photography speaks to everyone. A photograph can illustrate a still moment or emotion without the use of words. And I believe this is very true. Editing a photograph can really bring out great features in the picture. We use photography daily with snapchat and other various forms of social media. Photography is seen daily from the books we read and to the social aspects in our lives. In addition, I feel like photography is a type of art anyone can really practice. The beauty of the photograph can be shared infinitely. Although, there are certain skills you might need to photograph iconic pictures I believe anyone could be a photographer. I think photography is heavily used in her major as well. Imagine what studying biology would be like without the pictures of cells and molecules. FullSizeRender.jpg



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