Wk 6 – Artist Conversation – Blaine Scot Prow


Artist: Blaine Scot Prow
Exhibition: Extrusions
Media: Paper
Gallery: Merlino Gallery
Website: Not available during this time.
Instagram: tiffuts
About the Artist:
Blaine Scot Prow is currently a fourth year here at California State University, Long Beach. He is in the School of Art’s Studio Art Program. He has passion for graphic design. In addition, he is currently working on his portfolio following graduation. He grew an interest for graphic design and constructing geometric pieces like the ones in his exhibit at a young age. These pieces required a lot of math in order to construct.
Formal Analysis:
In his exhibit ‘Extrusions, Blaine conveys many geometric and three dimensional pieces. He was able to construct these pieces using bristol board, black paper, and charcoal to make these different geometric shapes. In addition, he then displayed these pieces on a foam board. The artist emphasized that it is important to make edges straight and sharp. These straight edges could be made by using an exact-o knife to cut fine lines.
Content Analysis:
The artist has always been interested in geometric shapes and figures. His work focuses in between two and three dimensions by showing their relationship. He prefers using white and black because they definitely show the simplicity and the geometric shapes and figures very well. The black and white act as shadows for viewers to focus on. They are basically cut outs of the shape with one of the dimensions still attached to the white piece to construct the figures.

Synthesis/My Experience:
I really enjoyed this art exhibition because it was a minimalistic and simplistic piece. In addition, I liked how staring at the different geometric figures can make your eyes really wander. I think this piece was simple but also very difficult to construct because it does involve a lot of math and creative planning. I liked how all of these pieces came off the paper to show the dimensions. Lastly, I really admired how much thinking this piece took and all the effort that was put into these pieces.
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