Wk 7 Artist Conversation – Nathaniel Paderanga

Artist: Nathaniel Paderanga
Exhibition: Social
Media: Oil on canvas
Gallery: Merlino Gallery
Website: Not Available
Instagram: @theartofnate_
About the artist:
The artist Nathaniel Paderanga is currently an undergraduate student majoring in the School of Art’s Drawing and Painting program. He is a senior at Cal State University, Long Beach in his final semester. Nathaniel is from San Diego and he gains much of his art inspiration from his family. His exhibit is dedicated to his family telling a story about his life from canvas to canvas. Paderanga finds that he is most productive with his work at night. In addition, he enjoys working on more than one piece at a time because he feels that he can never get bored. After his last semester he will begin working prior to diving into his career goals of being a teacher.
Formal Analysis:
The work that he creates in the exhibit is using oil and canvas. The artist works with the oil paintings in a smooth and colorful way. He is able to make certain colors on his piece show better than others through his blending and shading techniques. In addition, the artists also builds up color and texture to his works very well. The artist likes working with oil and canvas because he is able to create many different layers.
Content Analysis:

The content of his exhibit is dedicated to Nathaniel’s family. He conveys man stories behind each piece and has a surrounding message from canvas to canvas. In one of his pieces that is “Get Together” he explains how sometimes families get together and become present physically but they are not emotionally there. Instead, in the canvas the younger boy is on his tablet and not focused on the entertainment of another person. This has been a huge problem because two people are so disconnected mentally. So the surrounding message for this piece is to get together but on a deeper level, to spend time with each other and actually converse with one another.

Synthesis/My Experience:
I really liked how the artist was able to show the importance of family in his exhibit. For me, I was able to relate to many of these pieces especially “Get Together”. I feel like sometimes I get so caught up with my life that I forget to make time for my loved ones and be able to share special moments or memories because I am so worried about school work or other things. I know how it feels like to physically be in someones presence but not have the emotional thoughts when around someone. Overall, I thought his message of family was very powerful. And I think it is wonderful how these pieces look so realistic that he could possibly frame around his home.

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