Wk 9 – Art Activity – Art Care Package


This art care package was sent to my close friend who lives in San Francisco that I attended my earlier years of college with. I have compiled a few interesting things to send her way. Sending this art care package is similar to sending a snapchat because they are essentially a receiving a memory or a piece of you whether it may be virtually or physically. When using snapchat and sending a captured moment its only displayed for a few seconds before it washes away forever. However, in an art care package these physical things are forever to keep. When putting together this package I thought of things that made us happy and funny memories we both shared. For example, an expired passport because we both forgot to renew our passport one time before leaving the country. And a ruler because we both find it difficult to draw straight lines. Grid paper note cards cause blank ones are boring. And a flask that we both share! This package was made for one person and had a lot of thought put into it rather than a quick snapchat picture. This art package is definitely something different from art exhibits in the museum have more meaningful messages and convey a deeper tail. But the package is something that is kept in private memory. And the best part of this package is all these things are physical that could be kept for a lifetime.


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