Week 10- Fiber Art Social Network


This weeks assignment was really interesting. When sitting down and thinking about the important people in my life it made me realize how I quality friends over quantity. Red indicates my inner circle of family. Blue resembles my close friends. All these people within my web are people who I constantly talk to and who really know me. In between the lines of blue and red, there are different types of connections I have with each of them. When I think of “social network” I think of people you can depend on who are constantly absorbing most of your time (in a good way). Social network also means how you might broadcast people through different outlooks of social media. Examples could be sharing a meaningful photo of you and someone else. My personal number would be 15 people. I hold these relationships very dear to my heart and I care a lot about these people. In my opinion, it is always better to build great relationships with a handful of people rather than a ton of mediocre and not important relationships. Someone might have millions of followers on Facebook or friends, but it’s almost certain that less than half of those people would go out of their way to help you.



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