Wk 10 – Artist Conversation – Yingying Fu


Artist:  Yingying Fu
Exhibition: The Other Side Of The Pacific Ocean
Media: Oil Painting, Canvas
Gallery: Gatov Gallery West
Website: N/A
Instagram: @yingyingfuzhang
About the Artist: Yingying Fu is currently a graduate student in the School of Art’s Paint and Drawing program. The artist is in her last semester of her master’s program and the exhibition on display is her thesis show. The artist is from China and is represented from an Art Gallery in China. She also attended Beijeng Central Academy, which is known as prestigious. Yingying is also a mother who just recently got married. She came to the United States three years ago to begin her masters program.
Formal Analysis: The exhibition is with oil panting and canvas media. Her color scheme consists of many bright colors. The artist was able to build up many layers of colors and textures.
Content Analysis: The artist showcases her experiences and feelings towards the ocean and interaction with people.The environment of the beaches are from California by the Pacific ocean. The people in the pieces are of those she has seen and taken mental snapshots of. There are different activities going on in her paintings from surfers to people showering and those sitting in front of a lifeguard tower.
Synthesis/My Experience: I really enjoyed this piece because I was able to instantly connect with the beach vibes and bright colors. This exhibition really resembles how California beaches are all about. I love the beach and the water so I was very drawn in by her pieces. These pieces gave me more appreciation about beaches and how spoiled we all are to live in sunny California.

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